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Maintenance Web Services
Data-Security Networking
Software/hardware Problems

Total confidence on your data
Customers please note that we have a very strict policy of keeping all customer's data totally private, all data we work with or backup taken by us on a customers computer can also be encrypted and saved to a CD or DVD for double protection. These encrypted backups can NOT be access by anyone else unless with the correct password(s) are entered, these are set by the customers during the backup procedures.

Desktop/Laptop Upgrades
  • All major brands
  • Memory, Hard-drive, Video
  • DVD, CD or DVD Rewriters
  • Modems or Networking
  • Add USB device

On site or office maintenance

  • Complete Anti-virus services
  • Repair and upgrade services
  • Health check and tune-ups
  • Data-security for all your data security issues, from firewall to total data backups for a complete peace of mind

   Data-security consultancy


  • What happens if in the event total data lost after a virus stuck your computer without warning ?
  • Are you being spied on ? logging every  keystroke you typed and using your information to act against you .
  • Is your machine already inffected by a virus, sending out your personal files and details, all without you knowing ?

    We offer a total solution to all your data security worries, why wait until its too late ? Contact us for more details.

 Hardware or Software problems

  • Hardware repairs
  • Windows and software repair and upgrades
  • Windows tune-up
  • Hardware testing, to find problems before they cause you time and money

  Complete web-site design service

We provide a wide range of services to get your company and business onto the Internet  , all web pages designs are done in-house so please feel free to call us anytime to discuss your needs.

  • Domain registration
  • Domain name Renewal
  • Hosting
  • Web Design from 1 page to a whole site

  Home or Office networking

Ever thought of having a network to share files, printers or even the a single broadband connection ?  You can now get everything you need from us to set up your very own network, from a simple crossover cable for 2 computers or a hub kit for 3 or more computers, alternatively, we can supply and install it all for you on site, please contact us for more details...

We are currently running a special offer, if you have two Computers at home and would like to have them sharing the same internet connection , we will supply and install a small home network for £95.  For notebook computers without build-in network adaptors, there will be an extra charge of 45 per notebook.

(Price quoted are for computers on the same floor, please call if your requirement are different.)

Computer upgrades
Windows & Software Problems?
Advice on choosing a PC

We provide upgrade paths to all major makes of computers, Desktop or laptops, please call for more information.

Windows running slow or your programs not working ? simply call in and arrange for a no obligation estimate.

Time for a new computer ? we could either supply or advice on your new purchase, saving you money.


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